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Celebrate Everything with Cake!

All Delicious All wheat and gluten-free
Many available free of dairy, egg, soy or nut ingredients

Order in advance during holiday, graduation and other special seasons.

We do our best to keep a full stock of cupcakes and cakes, but as a small
batch bakery, it’s possible to run out of items from time to time.

A wide variety of cupcakesare available to purchase at both retail locations. For a dozen or more, please call to order ahead.

    Cupcakes available are:

  • Classic Yellow Cake with White frosting (no dairy)
  • Chocolate Chocolate (dairy-free)
  • Red Velvet
  • Berry Champagne (no dairy or egg - vegan)
  • Simply Black Tie (no dairy or egg)
  • Simply Coconut (no dairy or egg - vegan) not pictured, and seasonal
  • Simply Delicious Vanilla (no dairy or egg - vegan)

Classic Yellow

Chocolate Chocolate

Red Velvet

Berry Champagne

Simply Black Tie

not pictured, and seasonal
Simply Coconut

We strive to keep fresh baked 6” round cakesin stock. Each cake serves 4 to 8 people. Inscription may be available, depending on Pastry Chefs on hand and timeliness of order.

  • Confetti Cake - Yellow cake White frosting with sprinkles (no dairy, soy)
  • Simply Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting (no dairy, egg, soy, nut ingredients or artificial food coloring- vegan)
  • Simply Blueberry Banana Cake , 2 layer, with white and natural blueberry colored frosting (No dairy, egg, soy, nut ingredients or artificial food coloring – vegan)

Simply Chocolate

Confetti Cake

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