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Baking Flours, Mixes and Books

Now you can make professional quality items at home
with the same proven mixes used in our bakery.

Baking FloursBread MixesBreakfast MixesDessert Mixes
Pizza Crust MixesBooks and Specialty Items

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Enriched Baking FloursHappiness is using the Enriched (with brown rice and B Vitamins) Baking Flours on a cup-for-cup basis in your favorite recipes. We use this mix in most of our breads and cookies.
(No egg, dairy, nut, soy, corn, or potato ingredients in mix)

2 lbs$8.99

Sweet Baking FloursSorghum flour adds a touch of sweetness and health to this soft mix, enriched with B Vitamins, iron and folic acid. We create muffins, cookies, cakes and more with this mix. Use as a cup-for-cup substitution in your recipes.
(No egg, dairy, nut, soy, corn, or potato ingredients in mix)

2 lbs$8.99

Basic Baking FloursA budget-priced mix of white rice flours, tapioca starch, arrowroot, xanthan gum, B vitamins, iron, folic acid and gelatin. We create angel food cakes, sponge cakes, pizzas and thickeners with this mix. Use as a cup-for-cup substitution in your recipes.
(No egg, dairy, nut, soy, corn, or potato ingredients in mix)

2 lbs$8.99

Enjoy baking our famous breads with our bakery-proven mixes, or use them as a base and adjust to a texture and taste that's all your own. All bread mixes designed for the oven or bread machine.
See Breadsto order baked breads - See Books and Specialty Itemsto order baking books.

All bread mixes may be made with or without yeast. For a yeast-free bread, substitute the yeast package with 1 Tablespoon baking powder and 1 teaspoon baking soda. After blending all ingredients together, place bread in greased pan and immediately place in preheated 350 to 375 degree oven.

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Best Bread MixSimply add eggs, water, butter and milk (or substitutes).
Suggestions for egg, water, butter and milk substitutes included with mix. Mix includes dried milk powder (a dairy ingredient)

1 Mix$5.99
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Buckwheat Pancake MixThese traditional pancakes are Easy to make. Delicious to eat. The nutrition of buckwheat is added to our flour mixes filled with B vitamins, iron and folic acid. Breakfast never had it so good!
Mix makes 48 - 60 pancakes that freeze well. Smaller batch recipe on bag. 2 lbs.

2 lbs$9.99

Instant Gravy Mix
Net Weight: 7.5 oz


Mighty Mesquite Pancake MixAmazingly healthy mesquite adds natural sweetness to this pancake mix - no sugar is needed! Mesquite has a pleasant aroma and great flavor. You will love this mix!
Mix makes 24 - 30 pancakes that freeze well. 1 lb.

1 lb$9.99

Oats, Certified Gluten FreeOur certified gluten free oats come from dedicated fields out of Powell, WY. Enjoy them for breakfast or use for baking. (24oz.)


Our prepared Graham Cracker Crumbs (mock) are perfect for cheesecakes and bars. See Browniesto order baked brownies, and Cookiesfor ready-to-eat cookies or frozen cookie dough.

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Favorite Cookie Mix A special package of our Favorite Cookie Mix is perfect for Cut out Cookies in any shape or size. You can decorate your cookies to fit any occasion. This perfect-sized mix will make 24 cut out cookies, 2" size (depending on the thickness). The mix can also be used for drop cookies. This special mix includes a cookie cutter (could be an X, an O, a heart or a bear) and a separately bagged assortment of Hersheys M&Ms and sprinkles. (Mix is egg, dairy and corn free.)


Rich Brownie MixMakes an 8"x8" pan of rich brownies or 16 brownie bites. Simply add butter and eggs.
(Suggestions for butter and egg substitutes included with mix, plus add-in ideas)

1 Mix$5.99

See Pizzato order baked pizza crusts.

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Simply Pizza Crust MixPizza Crust Mix - No egg, dairy, soy, corn, nut, or yeast ingredients. Make with or without yeast. 1 mix makes two 8" pizza crusts or 1 large thicker 10" pizza or one thinner 12" pizza crust.

1 Mix$6.99
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Delicious Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Breads BookLooking for Delicious Bread Recipes? This book is for you! This versatile book is written for those experienced in the kitchen, as well as for the novice. Better yet, use our Enriched Baking Flours in any of the breads in this book.
Download this PDF book immediately after checkout!
133 pages - 2.64 MB / 2,713 KB


Waiter, Is there Wheat in My Soup?The official guide on dining out, shopping and traveling gluten-free and allergen-free, a transportable book that helps you, your family, friends, doctor, dietitian, business associates and caretakers.
Download this PDF book immediately after checkout!
365 pages - 2.25 MB / 2,308 KB


What? No Wheat?This fully illustrated book is a light-hearted look into living the gluten-free/wheat-free life. Children and adults will all enjoy the delightful characters.
Download this PDF book immediately after checkout!
88 pages w/illustrations - 27.8 MB / 28,547 KB

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