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Dessert: Brownies, Cookies, Cakes

Enjoy our ready-to-eat Brownies,Cookies,Cakes

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Chocolate Chip Cookies
Contains dairy, egg, soy and corn
This traditional favorite is filled with small chocolate chips for 'chips in every bite'. 6/pkg.


Rich Brownie
Decadent & delicious! - 8"x8" tray.


Contains Dairy
Cinnamon and sugar top this wonderful sugar cookie. It's one of our customers favorites. 6 /pkg.


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Peanut Butter CookiesA traditional favorite using all natural ingredients and free of dairy ingredients. 6/pkg
No Dairy Ingredients


Simply Chocolate Chip Cookies 5ct
No dairy, corn, eggs, nut or soy ingredients
Full of flavor, free of dairy, corn, egg, or soy ingredients, for everyone to enjoy. 5/pkg.


Very Merry Marshmallow Bar
4 pack (2 bags of 2 bars). A perfect-sized fun treat.
No dairy or soy
No gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, nut or soy ingredients.
Marshmallows (Corn syrup, modified cornstarch, dextrose, water, gelatin, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, natural and artificial flavor) Brown rice, sea salt, Earth Balance buttery spread, Sugar, Vanilla.


Very Merry Marshmallow Bar - Vegan
4 pack (2 bags of 2 bars). A perfect-sized fun treat.
Vegan - No gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, nut, corn or gelatin ingredients.
Marshmallows (tapioca syrup, cane sugar, water, tapioca starch, carageenan, soy, natural vanilla flavor) Rice, sea salt, Earth Balance.

Freeze Brownies and Cookies upon arrival for up to 12 months, refrigerate for a week or enjoy soon.
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